Arnold Timmerman

Netherlands born (’71) Arnold Timmerman completed his Journey Practitioner Program in 2004. He then joined Brandon Bays fulltime to facilitate seminars and retreats around the world. In 2008 he was asked to start presenting Journey seminars and retreats in Europe, North America and Israel. He also started to co-create and present Visionary Leadership modules in Europe. 

In 2011 Arnold took a break to focus on getting his books published, running his coaching & consulting business, and more importantly on enjoying his new family life. 

At the end of 2015, Arnold climbed back on board to offer seminars in The Netherlands and Belgium. He also set up The Journey in Spain together with his wife Claire (who worked for The Journey for 10 years before she gave birth to their daughter Charley). 

Arnold’s spiritual and self-development path was ignited at the early age of 11. An active sports life, a master’s degree in Law, an extensive extracurricular resume, and a career in photography and lifestyle magazine publishing could not prevent the inevitable. Arnold just had to switch to a professional career in mind, body, health and transformation. That decision in 2002 has led him to support people and organizations through challenging times. He has also trained coaches, consultants and therapists to do the same.

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Seminarkalender mit Arnold Timmerman