Alexandra Kalinine

Alexandra has always been inspired by contributing to others’ freedom and well-being. She started off as a dancer and choreographer. For her, this art form was a means of spiritual awakening. It was this desire for truth that has carried her throughout her life.

Though she was born in France, she was raised in a multi-cultural environement (speaking French, Russian, English). She loves learning different langages and learning about different cultures. Her true passion is to guide people into delving into their essence, their true heart’s purpose.

Since 2007, Alexandra has been offering private sessions as Journey Practitioner and later, as Conscious Coach, and is currently the Journey seminars presenter in the European French-speaking countries.

Thanks to her own rich experience of the Journey, she understands the deep impact this method can have; she has found true peace in herself and deep connection with others, enjoying them as they are. She was also able to heal the emotional rootcause of a serious ailment. This method has allowed her to live a life of freedom and joy.

Her work with emotions is done in a gentle yet powerful way. It leads to freedom, to the realisation of who we truly are and to the meaning of our lives. Alexandra is renowned for her gentleness and compassion. With lightness, she will carry you in the depths of your being. She has an innate ability to guide people exactly where they need to go, in order to unblock the problem at its source. She does it with sensitivity, love and care.